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What to ask on an Assisted Living Facility Tour?

What to ask on an Assisted Living Facility Tour?

It's important to ask some questions while you are touring a prospective assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one.  Look around to see if residents look clean and content.  Do caregivers look happy and engaged with residents?  Does the facility look clean and well maintained? Does it smell good?

The answers to these questions will give you an idea of how things operate and what you can expect if you or your loved one were to live there.

  1. How long has the facility been in operation? 
  2. Who is the administrator?  What is their experience?
  3. How many staff members care for each resident?
  4. What type of training does your care staff complete?
  5. Are staff trained to care for residents with memory loss or Alzheimer's Dementia?
  6. Are staff onsite 24/7?
  7. Can staff administer medications?  How do you ensure my loved one is getting and taking their medication?
  8. Do you have nurses on staff?
  9. Do you have an in-house physician?
  10. What type of food in prepared?  Is it nutritious and well balanced?  Ask for a sample menu.
  11. What type of security and safety measures do you have in place?
  12. Do you have experience with Alzheimer’s? Parkinson’s? Diabetes? (or the specific diagnosis of your loved one)
  13. Do you complete an assessment prior to moving in?
  14. What does the resident's room look like?  What furniture items are included?
  15. What is the monthly cost per apartment/room? What are the differences in price?
  16. What is your waitlist policy?
  17. Can I visit my loved one in the community?  Can I take them out of the facility for day trips or overnight visits?
  18. Do you have transportation for doctor’s appointments?
  19. Do you have an activity calendar?
  20. What additional services are available if the care or personal needs change while living here?
  21. What are your billing and payment policies?
  22. Do you offer hospice and end of life care?
  23. Tell me about some of the current residents.
  24. Do you have any outdoor space?
  25. What is your discharge policy? What is your move out policy?
  26. What additional services are available if the needs of a resident change?
  27. Are all services included in the monthly fee? Are there additional fees for services or activities? If not, what and how much are additional services?  Is there a move-in fee or placement fee?

Use your good detective eyes and ears and trust your intuition.  You will know when you find the right facility ...it will make you feel good about your decision.