How to choose the right incontinence products

Posted by Shelley Zander

How to choose the right incontinence products

Which Incontinence Products are Right for me or my loved one?

Trying to figure out which incontinence products are the best ones for you or your loved one is a difficult chore.  We at have taken the guesswork out of the chore and like we say... made it easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

We know how frustrating and confusing shopping for incontinence products can be.  We understand going to the big box store you think you are saving a bit of money by buying in bulk,  but they only carry 3 products..1 national brand of pull-ups and their store brand of pull-ups and adjustable tabbed briefs and if you are not a small/medium or large you are out of luck.  But you can't blame them as this is their business model.  In fact, the BIG BOX Stores believe that a scant product offering is critical to its successful business model, offering a small selection of only the quickest-selling products, so they will make a size small/medium to accommodate the most people and they will never care a 2XL or larger size.  If you did have a question about the products they offer, who would you ask for help?  The guy running the forklift or the cashier at the front of the store.  Not a lot of handholding in those stores.

How about the grocery store? You might find the national brands there like Depends and maybe their generic store brand.  The grocery store is good at stocking the pull-up style national brand disposable underwear, but you would be lucky to find the adjustable tabbed brief and most of the time they are limited on the sizes they carry.  If you had a question, who would you ask?  The 18-year-old stock boy?

Let's try your local drug store.  They also will have limited brands, limited sizes, and really no expert to talk to if you have a question.  The pharmacist is an expert on medications but they are very busy filling those orders and are hidden behind the counter, they can barely keep up and just don’t have the time to step out from behind the counter to ‘advise’ about incontinence products. 

So what do you do?  You come to the experts at Brief Drop, who source high-quality professional-grade incontinence products, where you can speak with knowledgeable people who use the products every day and we can answer all your questions, so you know you are getting the right products. 

What’s the best product for myself or my loved one?

The best incontinence products for you or your loved one are the ones that get the job done.  We have been using these products on our residents for so long we know the ones that fit the best, work the best and save you the most money.  Because we know what works we don't need to carry every brand made, but just know if there is a brand that you like and want and you don't see it on our site just let us know and we will get it for you.

Size and Absorbency are the two factors to determine the right incontinence product for you

Many people mistakenly think all incontinence products are the same. This is simply not true. Incontinence products are not all made equal, so it's important to use the ones that are tried, tested, and approved by caregivers that use them every day. The two factors to determine the best product for the user is the size and the absorbancy.  

  • Size - Getting the correct size will make all the difference.  It's hard to get the correct size at the grocery store or the big box store because they don't stock all the available sizes or they combine sizes to accommodate the most users which doesn't allow for the best fit.  No one likes the feeling of something not fitting right and especially something as personal as your absorbent undergarments.  When the product fits right there is no leaking, no skin breakdown and no infection.   Whether you are choosing incontinence supplies for yourself or for someone in your care it is extremely important to find the right size. The good news is BriefDrop has more sizes to choose from than the drug store, grocery store or big box store which means everyone from the smallest individual to the largest can find the right incontinence product which can fit them effectively.  To determine what product size to select, carefully measure the waist and hip size of the person. Use the larger of the two measurements to select the size to use.  Remember, products that are too large tend to leak at the legs, so always start with a smaller size and work up. And we recommend that you re-measure a person whenever there is significant weight gain or loss.  All of our product pages will have sizing information based on hip and waist measurements.

Does a bigger size mean better absorbency? The answer is no. A lot of people think that the bigger the size of brief or underwear, the more absorbent it will be. Adult briefs, pull-ups, liners, and pads are designed to manage specific absorbency levels. No matter the size of the disposable incontinence product  – extra-small or extra-large – a product that features high absorbency can handle heavy voids while keeping the user dry and comfortable. Well made products have some technology that pulls liquid away from the skin, known as "wicking" keeping skin dry and helping to avoid the build-up of odor. These products also help prevent skin breakdowns and infections.  So this leads us to the next criteria for choosing the best incontinence products.

  • Absorbency - Not all incontinence is the same. Some people only require an incontinence pad for some light leakage while others will need the highest degree of absorbency to protect against complete bladder and/or bowel leakage. You should be aware of what level of absorbency you need before choosing any incontinence supplies. It is also important to keep in mind absorbency needs can change over time and can vary greatly from day to night.  BriefDrop identifies 4 different absorbency levels for each of our incontinence products and they are indicated on each product page to make it simple to choose the one that's right for you.  
    • Light Absorbency is dribbling, light amount of urine or infrequent or occasional urine release
    • Moderate Absorbency is a moderate amount of urine or continuous leakage,  but not a full bladder
    • Heavy Absorbency is a large amount of urine and/or fecal  incontinence or the release of a full bladder in the daytime
    • Maximum/Overnight is a very large amount of urine and/or fecal incontinence or the release of urine throughout the night


Brief Drop offers caregiver tested and approved products for all your incontinence needs, but if you don't see what you are looking for just let us know and we can be sure to find it and ship it directly to your door.

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