About Us

My name is Shelley Zander and I am the founder of Brief Drop.  I have been caring for elderly people for over 10 years.  I own multiple Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly and I have also cared for my own family members. My number one goal when caring for others has always been to maintain the dignity of those we are entrusted to care for.  You will never hear the "D" word used in our care homes or used on this site. We refer to our products as adult disposable briefs or underwear, but never a diaper.   For an elderly person who loses the ability to care for him or herself there is nothing harder than loss of self-esteem, so we will not add to that by using terms that are not appropriate.

This is a picture of my Grandma and me December 2011

Taking care of elderly loved ones is never an easy task. It is something loaded with emotions and love, as well as an enhanced sense of responsibility and often, humility. One of the most difficult things in adult care is managing a persons incontinence. My care home families would always have many questions about where to buy the products and which products to buy for their loved ones who were incontinent.  I decided to start including purchasing the incontinence products for the families as part of the care service.  Well this became very challenging for me as the local drug store had very limited selection and the quality was mediocre.  To save time and money I tried the big box stores and their selection was even more limiting, but even worse the quality was poor to say the least....so that is how BriefDrop.com was started. I started sourcing my own high quality incontinence products and selling them to families just like you, who are either responsible for the care of a loved one with incontinence or at the very least responsible for purchasing incontinence products for themselves or a loved one.  

We understand the challenges that being a family caregiver can create, so we want to help you with those challenges.  We want to accomplish this is two ways:  The first way is by making it fast easy and convenient to purchase incontinence products by creating a subscription service.   You'll never have to worry about running out of supplies, driving to the store for these items, hoping they have your items in stock and then lugging the bags and boxes back home.  Our high quality products will be delivered direct, discreet and right to your door. We like to call it Easy Peasy 🍋 Lemon Squeezy.  The second way is to create a community of family caregivers just like you coming together to gain love and support for the most challenging job you do. Join us on our Facebook Community and sign up for our newsletter to stay connected...So on those days when life gives you lemons 🍋 we can make lemonade together!