How to Measure for Briefs or Pull-Ons

Brief Drop wants to make sure you are ordering the correct size of disposable briefs or pull-ons.  In order to help the provide user with the utmost comfort and maximum absorbency, selecting the right size is important.  You can determine the proper size by either using a measuring tape or using the persons height and weight.  If you need a complimentary sizing and application kit or you need help finding you size just send us an email at  

Using a Hip Measurement (measuring tape needed):

1. Measure the wearer from hip to hip across the front of the person.  It might be easier if the person is laying down.  Take the measurement and multiply it by 2 and then add 2 inches.

2. Once you have the hip measurement you will use the sizing chart below and determine the proper size.

Example:  In the example above the hip measurement across the front of the wearer was 19", multiplied by 2 equals 38", then add 2" equals 40".  Using the hip measurement chart below that wearer would be a size Medium.

Using Height and Weight to determine Size:

Use the chart below to determine the correct size using the users Height and Weight.  For Example:  if the user was 5'5" tall and weighed 140 pounds, then you would select a size Medium.